Tyner Pond Farm

Chef Sage family (kids ages 11 and 15) and my family (kids ages 2 and 7) had an awesome trip to Tyner Pond Farm!  What an amazing experience. We were lucky to meet up with Chris Baggott (Owner and Farmer) and see firsthand his passion for sustainable farming and his pursuit to drive the local food movement. You can see right away that his farm is not like others. His care for the land, the soil, and of course the animals is inspiring! During our trip we visited several of the 5 farms and got a hands-on experience. We started our trip with their mobile chicken coop. The kids (ages 2, 7, 11, 15) got to jump right in. They helped collect eggs and distribute the feed. We then took a short walk to the cows. The cows came right up to us and we got a close look at his beautiful animals. A quick drive right down the road and we got to see the pigs! This was unlike any pig farm experience I had ever had. The typical smells (which are not very pleasant) was non-existent. The farms techniques of rotational grazing and use of the land make the farm clean and natural. The way it should be!  We of course had to make a trip to The Mug for a quick (and delicious) lunch after our tour. The food was awesome! We were so lucky to visit Tyner Pond Farms and see farming done right! Learn more about Tyner Pond Farm at https://tynerpondfarm.com

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