Super Micro Greens

Chef Sage and Shannon had the opportunity to meet Jesse (Executive Chef) and Ian (Owner) of Super Micro Greens in November of 2018. Jesse gave a tour of their farm and research facility. Showing us their unique and innovative methods. Ian and Jesse are not only farmers but expert operators and developers of a modular system that can produce amazing micros at a more affordable cost. Both Chef Sage and Shannon were blown away by the flavors and colors of the microgreens. Ian (Owner) and Jesse (Executive Chef) are not just about making microgreens for sale, their real passion is education. Working in schools, they bring in mobile growing units and curriculum to schools in the Indianapolis area. Ian was so kind and did an activity with Shannon’s two-year-old son. He got to plant his own seed and take it home to watch it grow! Shannon and Chef Sage were so inspired by not only the quality of their microgreens, but their passion for education and outreach!

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