Saxony Farmer’s Market

We are excited to announce that we will be at the Saxony Farmer’s Market this summer! We are so happy that we are able to be in Fishers this summer!! Chef Sage and I have some unique and delicious foods to bring to you! We will be offering our gourmet corn dogs. These corn dogs are amazing! With a savory house made batter that fries up perfect with a golden crunchy outside and a light fluffy inside. We will be using large all beef hot dog, turkey dogs and an Asian fusion fish sausage. This perfect street food is a favorite in Okinawa, Japan. In Japan they are called American dogs.  Chef Sage wanted to bring his own unique spin on the “American dog” adding a secret blend of herbs and spices to the batter, but staying true to the Okinawan favorite with the addition of the fish sausage. Not ready for the lunch….that’s o.k. we will also be offering a sweet pancake sausage dog. These will be a perfect breakfast and easy to enjoy as you walk around the market.

We can’t have the fryer going and not add our signature double fry chicken wings. These wings have an Asian inspired breading that give it an amazing crunch while keeping them light! We will be offering our wings tossed in our signature sauces. The LionDog Sauce is a sweet, spicy, soy glaze that has the perfect amount of sweet and spice. This is a crowd pleaser with just a little kick of heat. If you are ready to kick it up a notch then our sweet and spicy sauce is for you. This sauce has a kick of heat, but the sweetness to cool you down. You will love the hints of cinnamon and spices in this delicious sauce. We are also offering our Volcano Sauce. For those individuals ready to take the change and love the heat this sauce if for you! This hot and spicy sauce is not all heat and no flavor.  Using traditional Okinawan herbs and spices you will experience a great earthy flavor.

Don’t worry if you try our sauces and want more! It happens to everyone!! We will have our Signature Sauces available for purchase along with our Island Dressing and Fire Starter Seasoning. We can’t wait to see you at the Market! Learn more about the Saxony Farmer’s Market at

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