Indy’s Winter Farmer’s Market

Crossroads Catering had a blast last week at the Indy’s Winter Farmer’s Market hosted by Growing Places Indy. The Farmer’s Market is located in the Circle City Industrial Complex right at 10th and Brookside in downtown Indianapolis. There are so many awesome vendors with an amazing assortment of fresh vegetables, cheeses, spices, and more! Everyone at the Farmer’s Market is so friendly and helpful. All the vendors are so kind to one another – it really feels like on big happy family!

Crossroads Catering was so excited to be unveiling the Higasa Foods’ line, sampling the awesome sauces, glazes, dressings and more! On Saturday, we had the Island Dressing, a sweet and savory salad dressing that you must taste to believe. The Chili Vinegar is a spicy and flavorful vinegar that can be splashed on all your favorite foods. The Lion Dog Sauce is a sweet and spicy glaze that can be reduced down and added to make your favorite vegetable and proteins the star of any meal. The Samurai Sauce a perfect dipping sauce that can be used to dip all your favorite proteins and more. We also had our Higasa Chili Relish. The relish was a surprise hit on our winning taco at the Taco Takedown in Noblesville, IN on January 12, 2019.  The Chili Relish has a big punch of heat, but also a great flavor.

Crossroads Catering will plan on being at the Indy’s Winder Farmer’s Market each Saturday that we are able. We will also be exploring new Farmer’s Markets for the Summer. Join our email list to see when and where Crossroads Catering will be next! We have some exciting events coming up in March and May!  You can send an email to to get on our distribution list. Check out more about the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market at Looking forward to seeing you there!

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