Farm to Table with Full Hand Farm

We spent time at the Farmers’ Markets this morning and among all my friends there, we ran into Eli and Genesis with Full Hand Farm.  Any time we can buy local and eat local, we do.  In particular though, the vegetables from Full Hand remind me of how I spent my summers in rural Okinawa Japan with my grandmother on the farm.  Full Hand is herbicide and pesticide free and do real hard work by hand the same way my family did.  When I taste their vegetables, I only taste pure flavor of organic produce.  When I had my partner Shannon taste the spinach there for the first time, she raved at the buttery and sweet flavor and how different it tasted. 

There are lots of foods that for years I couldn’t find in Indiana that I could only find in Japan.  As Indianapolis has grown, we have fortunately been able to get access to many foods through the Japanese grocery store, One World, and Viet Hua, one of the bigger Asian grocery stores.  Unfortunately, they do not carry all the vegetables I use.  However, I am hopeful Full Hand will start growing certain vegetables for us like purple Shiso.

As a Chef, a catering company, and developer of food products (that hopefully everyone will have sitting on their dining table some day), it is important that I get consistent, reliable, delicious produce and that is why we use Full Hand for everything we can. You can see more about them in this beautifully produced video from Dig Indiana.

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