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Get Your Hands on What We're Making!

We’re cooking up some delicious stuff that is available at Broccoli Bill’s grocery! Call for availability.

Chicken Pot Pie with Herb Crust


Breaded Chicken Parmesan


Breaded Pork Tenderloin


Fried Rice

(1 pint) - $5.00

Stuffed Chicken Breast

(Variety of Stuffing) - $6.99


(Variety of flavors) - $9.99

Egg Rolls

(Variety of styles and flavors) - $1.99

Egg Drop Soup

(1 pint) - $3.99

Curry Platter – Tikka Marsala

(1.5 C Rice and 2 C. Curry) - $6.99

Lion Dog Wings

(1 wing) - $1.99

Shepperd Pie


Call Broccoli Bill’s for Availability!

Broccoli Bill's is your family-owned, neighborhood grocery store.

Broccoli Bill’s specializes in fresh produce, delicatessen meats, and homemade salads.

It offer its customers local fruits and vegetables in addition to freshly made bread, gourmet groceries and high-quality meats.