Caprini Creamery

Chef Sage and Shannon visited the beautiful Caprini Creamery Farm in Spiceland, Indiana, and the over 250 goats, in December of 2018.  It was a welcomed travel from Indianapolis.  Kristy (Owner) was gracious to squeeze us in for a tour between her busy, very busy, schedule that includes milking 4 times a day, processing the milk, and of course cheese making. We had the opportunity to see their cheese making room, milking rooms, and of course a visit with the goats. Kristi (Owner and cheese maker) also treated us to a sampling of some of their cheeses. They make a variety of cheeses which include their delicious Chevre in a variety of flavors, an amazing Feta, Bloomy Rinds, and their hard cheeses. The whimsical names of the cheese shows her love of gardening as well, each cheese having a flower name. Chef Sage and Shannon agreed that the feta tried that day was one of the best they had ever had. The highlight of the visit was visiting the goats in the barn. They are so loving and Kristy knows each goat by name. You can see the care and love that they have of each of the animals. Even after the goats are no longer able to produce milk they are still a part of the Caprini Family. These golden goats enjoy their retirement on the farm.  The younger goats enjoy getting out and experiencing the public doing “goat yoga.” Visiting Caprini Farms was such a wonderful experience seeing the passion, hard work, dedication, and the love for the animals made both Chef Sage and Shannon appreciate the cheeses even more!

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